Dana White once again puts Chris Weidman in the number one contender slot – UFC News

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Dana White once again puts Chris Weidman in the number one contender slot – UFC News
It seems like President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship Dana White is a bit confused when it comes to deciding the number one contender among Michael Bisping, Brian Stann and Chris Weidman. Previously, White claimed that Chris Weidman is not in the
list and now he has once again put Chris Weidman in the number one contender slot.
While talking about the possibility of a super-fight between middleweight champion Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre, White announced to reporters that he sees Chris Weidman as the number one contender.
“We're gonna have to see how this whole thing plays out, who wins in the fight, what happens with Condit-St. Pierre, and what those guys want to do after that. Really, the number one contender right now is Weidman. So, maybe Weidman and Bisping fight,” said
Chris Weidman is scheduled to fight Tim Boetsch at UFC 155 on December 29, while Michael Bisping and Brian Stann will be locking horns at UFC 152. For some reason, Michael Bisping feels confident of being able to score a title shot at Silva after defeating
Brian Stann.
Unfortunately, Bisping would be disappointed to know that White has changed his plans. Now, White believes Bisping will have to face Weidman if he wins.
Believe it or not, it seems like White is not really looking forward to putting any of them in the cage against Silva. It seems like White is trying to avoid the topic completely by shuffling between opponents. On the other hand, Silva has already declared
that he will be fighting in 2013 next and most probably against Georges St-Pierre.
According to Silva’s camp, the champion has faced the best in the division and it is time for him to face better, not ‘kids’. Silva last fought against ‘The American Gangster’ Chael Sonnen at UFC 149, defeating him via second round knockout.
Chael Sonnen was being considered Silva’s fiercest opponent to date but he fell to the ‘Spider’ easily. Keeping this in mind, Silva’s camp believes Bisping, Weidman and Stann are no match for the Brazilian champion. Therefore, they are looking forward to
Georges St-Pierre for a super-fight.



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