Damien Comolli won't force players on Roy Hodgson

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Damien Comolli won't force players on Roy Hodgson
Liverpool's director of football strategy, Damien Comolli, says he will not force manager Roy Hodgson to sign any players.
Comolli joined Liverpool at the start of the month after the takeover by new owner John Henry had been completed. Comolli had a similar type job at Tottenham Hotspur and there is a lingering worry around
the club that he'll force through the signing of certain players.
However, the Frenchman has insisted that he will not make the manager sign any player. His role will be to suggest potential signings that could aid the first team and long-term future of the football
"I think sometimes it becomes controversial and it should not be.
As (new owner) John Henry said, it will be a consensus among us. That's the way John sees it, that's the way I see it and that's the way Roy sees it.
The manager's decision and the manager's opinion on a player is absolutely crucial," Comolli told the Liverpool website.
Hodgson and Comolli have had a brief experience of working together in the past while Comolli was at Spurs and Hodgson was based at Fulham. Comolli suggests this will mean
a positive working relationship, which will only mean good things for the club.
"We already had a good relationship from my time at Spurs when he was
coach at Fulham. We've been talking at length since I joined, several times a day on different issues and different matters, not only related to the transfer window or to scouting, we talk about everything," added Comolli.
Comolli has rubbished suggestions from the British media that his new role was created by the new owners so they would have a spy on the inside to be influential in certain
"I think it was just a feeling between the owners, and Roy as well, that they
wanted someone to be in there and come and help on a daily basis," said Comolli.



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