Curators hand Sachin hope of scoring his much awaited 100th ton at SCG

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Curators hand Sachin hope of scoring his much awaited 100th ton at SCG - Cricket News Update

The Sydney Cricket Ground curator, Tom Parker, has confidently predicted commencing here on Tuesday, January 3, 2012.
The iconic holds an impressive batting record at the Sydney Cricket Ground averaging 221.33 in seven innings. To date, the Master Blaster has played four Tests at the SCG compiling a tally of 664 runs laced with three centuries
and a half century, including a career best of unbeaten 241.
"It would be fantastic if Tendulkar gets his century here. If I am not wrong, he scored 150-odd at this venue last time. I don't see why it should change," said while speaking to the media reporters ahead of the second Test starting at SCG tomorrow,
January 3, 2012.
Sydney has been a great ally of the prolific Indian batsman who had scored his first Test century here during his maiden tour Down Under in 1991-92.
Parker opined that initially the wicket will be a bit difficult for batting, especially on the opening day, however he assured that it would ease later.

"It's very similar to the Ashes pitch last year. It's the same pitch, same grass. It will first do a little bit and then settle down," he said.
The SCG pitch curator also told reporters that the pitch would have ample pace and bounce to offer, however he made it clear that it would not be inconsistent like it was observed at MCG last week.
"It will have pace and bounce. But it would be consistent and that's how I look the prepare pitches. I hope it's not (like MCG). The last few years, it has played very well and in a similar fashion on day four and five as well," said Parker.
Meanwhile, the legendary Australian pace bowler batsman would remain at 99 centuries at least for the rest of the summer.



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