How to manage Cummins ISM valve adjustment?

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I have a few questions that maby you could help me with please

1.when starting the valve adj proc. i have all the valve rockers loose and i set the timing mark to A does it matter where I start on either 1 or 6? Right now I have all of them loose

2. With the jake brake installed do i adj that on the same cyl as the rest of the valves and injectors?

3. I had to only replace 1 inj do I need to loosen the front rack and gauge between the rocker support and the rocker levers (.022)?

4. What is a rased face mark? this is all new to me being that i use to work on the older NTC motors And finialy in the book it gives two different torque specs for torquing the jam nut one for the use of a torque adapter and one with out. Being that i don't have a torque adapter i can just put a socket over it and torque it to the higher spec? Your help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you for all your help


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  1. cummins ism valve adjustment procedure.

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