Cricket Update: England’s Graeme Swann flies back from Australia

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Cricket Update: England’s Graeme Swann flies back from Australia
In a major blow for England, their key spin-bowler Graeme Swan has fallen victim to an injury and has flown back home, leaving his team to battle the hosts Aussies without him.
Swann has joined the ranks of Tim Bresnan and Stuart Broad who are also nursing injuries and hoping to return to full fitness before the upcoming World Cup, which is set to be jointly hosted by from the 19th of
With the pace in which England are losing their cricketers to injury, there is a doubt that they just might find it difficult to complete the squad of 15 players to take into the World Cup.
However, team coach Andy Flower doesn’t seem much worried because he believes that the players don’t have major injuries and will be available for national duty by the time the World Cup kicks off.
The English came to Australia almost two months back with probably the fittest players in international cricket at that time but the mammoth tour has had its toll on the tourists. Pace sensation Stuart Broad was the first player to be deemed unfit in the
middle of the Ashes because of an abdominal strain.
Then during the ODI series, Tim Bresnan broke down after tearing a calf muscle. Bresnan, after being ruled out of the remaining matches of a seven-match series, flew back to England to nurse his injury. He spearheaded England’s pace attack in the absence
of ace bowler James Anderson who missed the first three One Day matches because he was permitted by the touring management to visit home after the Ashes series to be with his family.
Now, according to recent reports England’s sweetheart Graeme Swann has also flown out of Australia after being ruled unfit to play in the ODI series because of knee and back injuries. Swan hopes to recover in time before the World Cup.
Speaking on the departure of Swann, the English coach said, “It's a blow, this one-day series is important in its own right. I know the highlights of the Ashes on one side of it and the World Cup on the other dwarf it a bit but it is still international
cricket and we are representing the country. Losing our best spinner is not ideal but that's the way it is.”
Flower believed that the players were breaking down in injuries because of the hectically long tour of where the players play and practice with intensity.
“It's unsurprising because it's a long, hard tour,” he went on to say,
“Not only do we play high-intensity cricket but we also train at high intensity. There are serious demands on these guys. We are almost three months into this tour and you can see some of the physical strains. You'd be naive to think you could come through
unscathed and this is why we rest players or take them out to go on strengthening programmes.”
With England trailing by 3-0 in the series, the remaining matches will be a big test of wits for them because they will be taking on the hosts who seem to be improving in every game, while England look to be on a declining trend.



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