Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett impressed with TE Jason Witten – NFL News

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Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett impressed with TE Jason Witten – NFL News
Despite being affected by a spleen injury that he had suffered during the preseason, Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten was able to continue his streak of not missing games as he stepped on the field, briefly though, during the game against the defending
Super Bowl champions New York Giants on Wednesday, September 05.
Witten only caught two passes and gained 10 yards, but he was able to start the game, something he has been doing since a long time. Moreover, his dedication and determination to be part of the squad have impressed Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett.
After the game, Garrett acknowledged that the tight end did not spend much time on the field, but the head coach seemed pleased with the player’s effort. According to the details present on the team’s website, Garrett said of Witten:
“I thought last night’s game was going to be one that I remember one more than any other game that he’s played when I’ve been around him. Just for all the different circumstances and his approach to it and his determination and a willing to be a part of
Witten suffered the injury during first game of the preseason against the Oakland Raiders. He missed the next three preseason games and even a day before the game against Giants it was not confirmed whether the tight end would play.
It was, however, reported that Witten would be good to go from Week 2 game. Now that Witten was able to play against Giants as well, it is expected that he will be ready to spend more time on the field in the next game.
Garrett did well to limit Witten’s participation in the game against Giants so the player could gain rhythm for the next games. The head coach said of Witten:
“We did not want to play him 70 plays in this ball game. But we wanted to see how it was going and if you talk to us and he gave us good information throughout the game we felt like we’d use him the right way.”
The Cowboys are now going to face Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, September 16.



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