Could the pilot have done anything to stop Aaliyah's plane from crashing that way?

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I know its done and over with and i know that its been 7 years, i also know it went face down

but i just became a big fan of aaliyah like no more than 3 months ago, and like maybe i watch too many movies but i do see like pilots like use manuevers to let the plane crash in a more safe manner!




  1. yes ,maybe he could have taken the time to check everything on the plane and    realized that aaliyah and the crew couldn,t take that plane because there was to much luggage and that it can weigh down on the plane. not to mension the fact that the piolot was drunk and had alcohol and  drugs in his    system at the time he was taking off.lastly although i can,t blame aaliyah on this tragic because she did the oppisite of what the directors had  told her to do which was to wait for another plane but instead she did the     oppisite -rip aaliyah you will always be an angel sent from heaven who has come and gone at such a young age for you to die you came to the earth and had your time to shine and you will never be forgotten of -love u always baby girl god bless you and the others that died with you as well as your family

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