Coo coo clock pendulum stops

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  1. There are many reasons why your clock will stop - these are the one's I've encountered -

    1. The clock is not balanced flat against the wall.  For example, if your nail is too big, the top of the clock will stick out further from the wall than the bottom of the clock.  This will cause the pendulum to not swing properly, it may stop - you must fix it by trying a different hanger or a different method to hang your clock. 

    2. The clock is not balanced level side to side against the wall.  For example, when looking at your clock, the left side is lower than the right side (or vice versa).  Again, this will cause the pendulum to not swing properly and it may stop - you must fix by using a level to ensure that your clock is perfectly leveled against your wall.  

    3. The Pendulum is not placed properly on the clock's swinging mechanism.  If the pendulum is not placed properly, the swinging will go out of sync and the pendulum may stop swinging.  So double-check and ensure that your pendulum is seated on the clock's swinging mechanism properly. 

    4.  Never place your Cuckoo-Clock where it can encounter drafts.  For example, don't place it near a vent from your Air Conditioning System or your Heating System.  Why?  When your System goes on, air will blow through your vent creating a draft - if it hits your clock's pendulum it could cause it to go out of sync and stop.   Also don't place it near a door (especially near a door you open/close frequently) for the same reason - a draft could disrupt the gentle flow of the pendulum.

    5. The chain/pulley/gear system that works the pendulum may need oiling/servicing.  We all forget that our homes are dusty places.  Especially if we own pets like Cats and/or Dogs.  Dust can get inside our beloved Cuckoo-clocks and if they are not periodically cleaned and serviced, the gears can become gunked up.  When that happens,  yes - they can slow down; that can cause the pendulums to stop their swinging. 


    For me, I would try the top four before having my clock serviced.  Too often it's just because we hung our clock on the wall in the wrong spot or in the wrong way.  Fix that and you'll have your Cuckoo-bird singing all you want.  But, as I wrote, your last resort is getting your clock serviced - and that can always be costly.  That's why I always do it as a last resort. 

    Good Luck.

  2. Did you ever figure out how to correct this problem? I'm having the exact same issue and can't find a remedy anywhere on the internet. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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