Conor O’Shea tags win against Toulouse as fulfilling as the Heineken Cup glory

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Conor O’Shea tags win against Toulouse as fulfilling as the Heineken Cup glory
While addressing a press conference on December 19, Conor O'Shea, Harlequins’ director of rugby shared wining against the Toulouse on their home-ground felt as if they had won the Heineken Cup final.
O’ Shea also reminded his side not to get go off track in the celebrations of this major feat because in his view point there are still many battles left to be won, else they might lose their way too soon.
Expressing his thoughts about it, Quins coach said, “Right now this feels like we've won a cup final but it's a pool game and we have to make sure we keep learning. The resolve the players showed was incredible. We won't stick our heads in the sand and say
it was a perfect performance but these are the days that make the Heineken Cup and the games you are judged on.”
It seems that this is the right way to go about it, otherwise the players may lose their already built-up momentum in the happiness of winning just a game.
There is nonetheless no denying the fact that English men have bagged a massive win against the European Number 1, the French side. The fact that this was Toulouse’s first defeat on their home- turf in three years, gives all the more reason to the English
side to celebrate their big 31-24 victory.
O’Shea compared the two sides, labelling his side as the heart and opposition as the Wallet, where heart took the stride over the Wallet.
He added, “Even if I’m playing Scrooge by saying it’s only a pool win, it’s still a bloody great Christmas present. The more hostile their crowd got, the better I liked it.”
The coach expressed his feelings on winning his side’s major game and tagged it as an early Christmas present for his side, who had picked up momentum after the opposition supporting crowd was more furious at their side’s dwindling performance.   
It was a brilliant show of derby from the English side, who held up firm against the French side, by making the most of every opportunity that came their way.



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