Colby Rasmus’ triple RBIs help St. Louis Cardinals defeat Colorado Rockies, 10-3 – MLB Update

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Colby Rasmus’ triple RBIs help St. Louis Cardinals defeat Colorado Rockies, 10-3 – MLB Update
St. Louis Cardinals’ outfielder, Colby Rasmus was extraordinary throughout the game as he went 4-for-5 and hit three RBIs in the Cardinals’ 10-3 victory against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field, Colorado on May 27.
Rasmus commented on his game and said, “This game is crazy sometimes. I didn't change a whole lot. Really, all I thought about was taking my hands back as far as I could, and just swing and hit it and try to drive it.”
The Cardinals took a 1-0 lead in the first inning when Albert Pujols singled to right-field and Jon Jay scored a single run. However, the Rockies went ahead 2-1 during the second inning by adding two runs. Troy Tulowitzki and Ty Wigginton both contributed
two runs in their team’s lead.
The third inning was full of action for both sides and the game was tied 3-all. Ryan Theriot posted a run on the drive of Pujols to right centre-field and Pujols added one run on the single-run shot of Allen Craig when Lance Berkman occupied second base.
On the other side, Carlos Gonzalez hit an RBI towards the left centre-field and Eric Young Jr. posted a tie run.
The pitchers outclassed the batters during the fourth and fifth inning as they threw the ball in perfect areas. The Cardinals put three runs in the sixth inning to move the score-card 6-3. Tyler Greene, Rasmus and Kyle Lohse each singled to complete a three-run
campaign. The seventh inning again went in favour of the Cardinals as they added three more runs and extended their lead 9-3.
The Cardinals’ Manager Tony La Russa was amused with the way Rasmus batted right through the game. Speaking to reporters, he said, “He's had an outstanding year, but he was in a stretch where he was not quite right. I watched him today in batting practice
and he was right on the ball, and it carried into the game.”
During the seventh inning, Rasmus tripled to deep right-field while Berkman and Greene scored two runs. The third run was taken by Rasmus when Yadier Molina hit a sacrifice fly to centre-field. No score was added during the eighth inning. Pete Kozma posted
one run in the ninth inning to end the game 10-3.



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