Cobb’s great grandson enrols in Occidental College’s Basketball team

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Cobb’s great grandson enrols in Occidental College’s Basketball team   
Things will get interesting this spring as the 19-year-old freshman plays for the Occidental College Basketball Team. The young student and player, happens to be the great grandson of the Detroit Tigers’ outfielder, Ty Cobb. The young player has been catching
much of the excitement around the college and the district, as baseball fans question his interest and the reason why he preferred joining a different sport than his Hall of Famer great grandfather played as an outfielder.
"I get it all the time: 'Why are you playing basketball?' I played baseball through high school. This will be the first year I've ever not played," Young Ty Cobb acknowledged. "I guess Occidental just caught me at the wrong time. I've played football, basketball,
baseball, tennis, golf, run track. But basketball is the one I always come back to. There's no doubt in my mind it's what I love to do."
The youngster played as a first baseman in his high school in Atherton, California. He was also part of the American Legion Team that contested for baseball trophies around the country. He had the option to join a college that would advance his career as
a baseball player but he instead chose Occidental College to play basketball.
The youngster is looking to advance his studies in Business and Economics. He has been given a hard time at different occasions due to his great grandfather’s antics in the baseball world. Possessing a low tolerance level and competitive mindset, ballplayer
Cobb was accused for playing the baseball game dirty.
However, Ty has taken a stand to defend his honour at times, pointing at the times where his great grandfather played. His father, Herschel Cobb, knew his great grandfather well until the age of 18. During the days of Cobb’s retirement, his father usually
spent some time with him. Young Ty was able to share a moment of history with the reporters.
"When my dad was about 12 my great-grandfather was in his late 60s or 70s. One day he had a fresh linen suit on and they were talking baseball and he decided to teach my dad how to hook-slide. So they go out in the backyard on the grass and Ty Cobb is in
his fancy suit and he's got the cuffs of his pants rolled up. It kind of showed his competitiveness even into his twilight years."
Young Ty Cobb has high hopes associated with the basketball and plans to take up the sport as a full time profession.



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