Cincinnati Reds to consider availability of finances before making any new deals – MLB News

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Cincinnati Reds to consider availability of finances before making any new deals – MLB News
The Cincinnati Reds have a few matters at hand to resolve before the beginning of the new season. They include and are not limited to, filling the roster. However, the biggest problem that the club is faced with is the lack of financial resources.
The club had recently acquired closer Ryan Madson from the Philadelphia Phillies in no less than $8.5 million. The sum may be big enough, but the club made their move to have a reduced burden of this financial toll.
They traded starter Mat Latos setup man Sean Marshall so as to adjust for it. However, unless Madson’s physical is completed, there will not be any official word on the rest of the proceedings. The team’s general manager Walt Jocketty is ready to deal with
every prospect that pops up.
Jocketty also acknowledges and quite frankly, that a lot of the decision making shall be made after seeing the price range. For now, the Reds also seem to have set their eyes on Cody Ross who had remained a part of the 2010 World Series Champions San Francisco
The player has got the potential to charge up the offence considering the average homers he has had in last seven seasons which stands at 14 each. The $6.3 million sum, nonetheless, is a price range that the Reds have to look closely into before making any
final decision.
"It might be out of our price range," Jocketty said of Ross. "He was looking for a multiyear deal. We're not in position to do that."
Jocketty has a plan in his mind. For him, any player that fits well with the club, with veteran influence and leadership, shall have his space in the team.
"We'd like a guy that can play more than just left field," Jocketty said of the general market. "We'd like to have a guy that will fit well with the club, have a veteran influence, a veteran leadership type of guy and be a character guy."
Now what remains to be seen is how the Cubs manage to deal with the rising situation especially when it comes to the financial matters and filling the roster simultaneously.



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