Chelsea target Eden Hazard wants number 10

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In demand winger has revealed he wishes to play as a second striker, something that will help him decide on a club in the summer.
The looking to sign him. The Ligue 1 player has apparently agreed terms with all three clubs, but is yet to decide where
he will be playing next season.
One thing is for certain though, Hazard will be leaving Lille in the summer transfer window, it is just not yet certain where. The player’s new role as an attacking midfielder has benefitted him and his side, with Hazard going on to score 20 goals along
with 15 assists in the past season.
According to Hazard he would select a team based on whoever wanted him to play the role of a second striker. Along with that, the 21-year-old wants the number 10 and will join whichever side agrees with his demands, it could be either of the three.
Hazard said while speaking to reporters:
“I scored 20 league goals [and] also had the most assists in the league, and I never believed I could possibly come up with such a fantastic set of statistics. Certainly I could not have made such a decisive contribution had the coach at Lille not changed
my position.
It is all down to that. I have always dreamed of playing the No 10 role, and wearing that number on my back, and you can see what a difference it makes from how many goals I have scored and set up for others.
That will be a consideration when I decide on my club. Where I will play will influence my thinking on who I should join.”
Hazard joined Lille in 2005 and signed his first professional contract with the Ligue 1 side in 2007, when he was only 16. It was in the next season that he was moved to the senior team and since then he has made 192 appearances in all competitions, with
50 goals and 38 assists.


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