Chapter 13 bankruptcy and jointly owned property

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So the deal is my ex-partner filed chapter 13 on jointly owned vehicles, his truck and my car, we have since split . He insists that since he filed the chapter 13, he is somehow entitled to take my vehicle and keep his truck as well!! We all know this is only in retaliation to me leaving him. Anyway....if the vehicles are titled in both our names, is he able to just claim rights to my car just because he filed chapter 13? This doesnt seem right to me but I am unable to find any info regarding this situation.




  1. Nope.  You both have to file  BK or that piece of property cannot be included in the BK.  Never buy anything joint with anyone in the future and take both vehicles to Carmax and sell them.  Then buy a car you can afford on your own without him or anyone else signing for it.

  2. First off go to the Federal Court house where he filed at. Its public record and you can see what he filed.

    Second off if he filled a chapter 13 that is a repayment plan. That only says that he is paying the payments on it at a lower rate.

    If it was me I would consult an attorney and also ask my ex to produce documents that say he is entitled to take your vehicle from the courts. But as I said a bankruptcy and the paperwork is all a matter of public record.  

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