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  1. Jade passed away years ago ..

  2. please ignore the idiot with the first asnwer. It wasn't a hoax, nor was it filled with only basic info. It was a good place to send a new person, particularly a sub. I like how easily this person shifts from "I heard..." to remarks that seem to be from someone who knows firsthand. The last sentence is indeed a huge lie...the most dangerous place to learn is face to face...the safest is online where the only consequence would be the other person logging off. And yes, there absolutely WAS a jade and she did die.

  3. I heard the whole thing was hoakie. There never was a "Jade". It was all made up. It closed because it was found out. The info on the site was so basic. I mean many real time bdsm folks do you know that use "contracts" and go through all those motions. Most of it was geared towards those mostly involved only in the online bdsm community. I would be leary of any info learned online. The only way to safely learn is face to face.

  4. My understanding is that years ago, the site owner's submissive, jade, passed away. Since it was a labor of love between the two of them, maintaining the site after her passing becamse more difficult at many levels. Unfortunately, alot of good information was lost to the public when the site closed.
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