Casper Wells’ homer helps Seattle Mariners defeat Toronto Blue Jays 6-5 - MLB Update

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Casper Wells’ homer helps Seattle Mariners defeat Toronto Blue Jays 6-5 - MLB Update

Seattle Mariners’ designated hitter, Casper Wells had a brilliant day with the bat as he hit a decisive home-run including one RBI and went 2-for-3 with an average of .283 in the Mariners’ 6-5 victory against Toronto Blue Jays at Safeco Field, Seattle on
August 15.
Blue Jays got off to a pretty good start as they added two runs at the top of first inning to take a 2-0 lead. Eric Thames struck a two-run homer (377 feet) towards right-field and Yunel Escobar contributed a single run. Mariners smashed three runs to go-ahead
3-2 at the bottom of second inning.
Wells scored a single run when Trayvon Robinson hit a double-run shot towards deep left. The second run was taken by Robinson when Jack Wilson singled off right-field. Later on, Wilson moved to second base on throwing error of Jays’ fielders. Kyle Seager
added the third run for Mariners when Ichiro Suzuki hit a sacrifice fly to left-field.
At the top of third inning, Jays scored two runs to take a temporary lead while Mariners posted one run to tie the game 4-4, at the bottom of third inning. Adam Lind hit a two-run homer (352 feet) to right-field and Jose Bautista added the leading run for
Jays. On the other side, Mike Carp hit a solo homer (388 feet) towards left-field to level the game and raised the potential of Mariners.
During fourth inning, Jays went ahead 5-4 by adding one run to their respective score-card. Brett Lawrie hit a solo homer (403 feet) to left-field. The next three innings remained score-less and went in favour of pitchers as they pitched perfectly. In other
words, Jays were on top until the seventh inning.
Mariners’ starter, Michael Pineda gave up five runs, six hits, four walks, three home-runs and five earned runs in his five inning pitches with an ERA of 3.77. He struck-out six batters on his 94 pitches. In eighth inning, Mariners’ batters contributed two
runs to get 6-5 lead over the Jays.
Carp hit his second homer (386 feet) of the game to right-field and Wells struck a one-run homer (380 feet) towards left-field to end the game with a convincing lead. However, Mariners were leading 1-0 in a three-game series played at Seattle.



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