Carolina Hurricanes win 4-1 against the New York Rangers

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Carolina Hurricanes win 4-1 against the New York Rangers
Carolina Hurricanes playing host to the New York Rangers was the 701st game of the 2010 Compuware NHL Premiere Series at the RBC Centre. The match took place this Thursday with around 16,000 fans coming to witness the match with Rangers playing
the 49th game while Hurricanes played the 47th game of their respective season.
Carolina Hurricanes came up with a decent performance, bagging goals and creating chances regularly, which resulted in a 4-1 win for them in the end. Chad LaRose was named the star selection of the match with a goal and a brilliant assist.
Both teams started off superbly with a strong attacking mentality. Shots flew from everywhere on the pitch and from every player. The teams were content on scoring and in doing so, attacked and constructed some brilliant pieces of play.
The home team with the backing of the home crowd, which gave them added confidence, scored in the 6th minute to break the deadlock. The goal was scored by Chad LaRose from a brilliant flick shot which was perfectly placed.
Both teams continued to attack with full force in search of goals. It was the Carolina Hurricanes who scored once again in the 15th minute through a goal scored by Jussi Jokinen from a simple tip in shot. The period saw both teams finish off strongly,
 firing shots on goal every now and then.
Despite the numerous goal attempts made at the end of the period, no further goals were scored and the period ended with the Carolina Hurricanes leading 2-0. During the course of the period, New York Rangers made 11 goal attempts while the Carolina Hurricanes
made 16 goal attempts.
The second period started with the Carolina Hurricanes making attacks right from the start once again as the Hurricanes not only dominated possession but also made regular goal attempts. With the brilliant game play, Carolina Hurricanes scored once again
in the 6th minute through Brandon Sutter from a superb backhand shot.
New York Rangers unlike the first period made goal attempts at the end of the period and were stronger. They maintained a tight defence and restricted the Hurricanes to long range shooting only. This resulted in the Hurricanes coming across opening scoring
chances but they failed to capitalize and the period ended with the Hurricanes leading 3-0 as they made 12 goal attempts in the period, while Rangers made 14 goal attempts.
The final period saw both teams starting off strongly, and at the start with the attacking mentality, they neutralized each other. It took some time for the first goal to be scored but the New York Rangers managed to score through Brandon Prust in the 12th
However, Carolina Hurricanes sealed the match with the final goal scored by Jeff Skinner from a simple tip in shot and the Hurricanes emerged as 4-1 winners of the match. During the course of period, Carolina Hurricanes made 11 goal attempts while the New
York Rangers made 15 goal attempts.



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