Carmen Yuen, Rebecca Jury prove their class in Division 2 - Slazenger Cup 2012 – Badminton News

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Carmen Yuen, Rebecca Jury prove their class in Division 2 - Slazenger Cup 2012 – Badminton News
Women’s Doubles experts Carmen Yuen and Rebecca Jury performed brilliantly and confounded Belinda Hill-Hayley Brown in Division 2 - Slazenger Cup at Hamilton, New Zealand on August 9, 2012.
This encounter was part of a match between Auckland and Waikato and both teams played impeccable badminton to read final result of 12-21, 21-19 and 21-19.
The victorious duo came back from a horrendous start and saved their honour by prevailing in ending two sets of the match.
Meanwhile, Belinda and Hayley disappointed their supporters by surrendering in crucial moments of the battle.
In the first set, they played their given role to perfection and pocketed opening match point with distinction.
They launched an intensive campaign and pushed their rivals on the back-foot by prevailing in couple of nonstop rallies.
They made best out of this early advantage and raised their total to an indomitable position of 11 before the interval.
Later part of the game also belonged to Belinda-Hayley as they unleashed a flurry of power packed strokes and confined their opponents in the rear court. They bagged the first set with a notable difference in 21-12 margin.
However, this proved their last success of the match as the twosome of Carmen and Rebecca showed transformed character and saved their honour.
This time their coordination was superb as they played with great accuracy and enthralled the opposing team.
Though, they were bit conscious after the first set loss but then a few back-to-back points helped them to come out of this phase. They gained a decent advantage in the beginning and maintained this slight edge throughout the first half.
After the mid-game break, Belinda and Hayley stepped forward but they gave up this futile chase after reading 19-21 score on the board.
The Auckland campaigners served notice of their supremacy also in the decider as they sealed their victory in even more splendid manner.
Carmen and Rebecca employed unusual tactics and did not give their competitors enough time to get settled.
At first, they mounted pressure by reaching a dominating position of 11 and then magnified the impact by registering a decisive figure of 21-19.



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