Caleb Paine grabs early lead in Finn class of 2012 Skandia Sail for Gold Regatta

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Caleb Paine grabs early lead in Finn class of 2012 Skandia Sail for Gold Regatta
Proceedings on the first day of the 2012 Skandia Sail for Gold Regatta started a bit late because there was a serious lack of wind at the start of the day which made the Finn class fleet wait ashore. The breeze started wafting around with some strong knots
in the afternoon to ignite the racing.
Due to the late beginning, only one race was possible which formulated the first set of standing positions. The strong winds over the Portland Harbour and Weymouth Bay did not last long on the waters of the racing area and the race officer had to call off
the day after the only race of the day.
At the end of the opening day of the 2012 Skandia Sail for Gold Regatta, the winner of the 2012 Delta Lloyd Regatta Finn class, the American Finn sailor, Caleb Paine was able to claim the overall lead of the fleet with classy sailing skills as he finished
on top of the race standings.
Paine clinched the lead right after the race began and maintained his position until he crossed the finish line. Paine has been outstanding in the recent circuit and displayed tremendous sailing skills in the 2012 Delta Lloyd Regatta and was able to claim
the title.
Great Britain’s Ben Ainslie failed to improvise accordingly and tumbled down to the fifth podium place in the first race. The second day proceedings would definitely be interesting as the fleet has many top names that can make many shifts in the standings.
Overall standing positions at the end of Day 1:
1. USA 11 Caleb PAINE USACP 65 = 1 Point
2. RUS 1 Aleksey SELIVANOV RUSAS 8 = 2 Points
3. GBR 88 Mark ANDREWS GBRMA 18= 3 Points
4. USA 4 Zach RAILEY USAZR 1 = 4 Points
5. GBR 3 Ben AINSLIE GBRCA 1 = 5 Points
6. ESP 100 Rafael TRUJILLO ESPRT 7 = 6 Points
7. CRO 524 Ivan KLJAKOVIC GASPIC CROIK 3 = 7 Points
8. GBR 85 Andrew MILLS GBRAM 55 = 8 Points
9. BRA 109 Jorge ZARIF BRAJZ 4 = 9 Points
10. NZL 24 Josh JUNIOR NZLJJ 1 = 10 Points
11. NZL 8 Matt COUTTS NZLMC 2 = 11 Points
12. SWE 11 Daniel BIRGMARK SWEDB 1 = 12 Points



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