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Ok I am looking for cheats or hacks for this game:Creature breeder.

Something that will help with FB.Now don't go around posting things like:What's creature breeder?Its a online game and is fun but I am broke on it and need to provide for my creatures!!!!Please!!




  1.  does anyone have a unwanted cb account? creature breeder pls email me at

  2. When you are breeding a creatures that you LOVE and you just dont want a single egg, read below.


    Step one- Find more then one of the oppisite s*x for exsample three males and one female! (Brumble.Bears & Turtle tots work best on this trick)

    Step two- Breed the female (or the single breed) with the other male, but quickly change the male to a diffrent one. Keep chaning until it says Oops! There was an errorr or a page comes up saying, the internet cannot conect with this page or something.

    Step three- Go back to your account and there should be up to 10 eggs, if not, more! (you should make two FRESH farms with no other creatures in them for more space.)

    Note- this is a REAL glitch. If it dosen't work on your computer......TUFF!

    My username is Holly'sCreatures, but I have a habit of changing the username so you will most likly get a better chance of reply on my RolePlaying account called *~JayFlicker~*.


  3. I don't believe that there is any cheats to CB. If you want free creatures just come on over. My username is Cc☆Main.

  4. i dont know any cheats but visit me on cb im goldiecandy and i have some cheap creatures if you want to buy them :)

  5. here i have an account that probably has lots of money by now, i made it

    SO long ago, here it is: take the money from it if u want

    PASS                           USER

    PickerulL                       LuvACreature

  6.  I forgot my account for a year, and all my pets were sick and I clicked the money trees and only got about three thousand per tree. The hint is: Make your pets healthy and happy before clicking your trees, even if you've been gone for a few years. You always get more.


    And do NOT waste your time on berry trees. I was gone for a year, and I fed them and they were instantly full health. The berry trees are just a waste of FB.

  7. This isn't a true cheat, but it helps. STALK PEOPLE! Stalk people who are making shared accounts. For example, DESIGNING ACCOUNTS! My brother watched two users converse about their future account. And later, he got the pass by stalking them. Daniel (bro) got like, 50,000FB!

  8.  this will take quite a long time but:

    step1. make a new account

    step 2. get the pet onto your real account

    step 3. wait about a month, the longer you wait the more you get.

    step 4. at the end of your waiting time, shake the tree to get all the money.

    step 5. go to your real account and propose all your money on a creature you don't want

    step 6. log onto your real account and accept the proposal. you are now pretty rich

    step 7. repeat from step 3.

    tip:make more than 1 fake account.

  9. ksrg11 again


    If you are selling designs and want more money for them do this-

    make a new fake account.send a design from your real account over to it and some creature's,preferably all ages,send your free creature over to your real account.Wait till someone bids on the design your selling,wait a few hours to make it beliviable,then on your fake account bid higher than the real bidder.INSTANT bidding war AND you get ton's of cash in the process.but you have to rember to tell the real bidder they were outbid.if they cant bid higher,delete your fake bid and tell the real bidder the other bidder(the fake) with draw their bid.but make sure on ur fake account you post ur with drawing your bid though.


    I've never done that,but my cousin does and he's RICH

  10. CONTACT MY FARMS IF YOU HAVE THE SUB BREED LEMON TEARS my account name is *Scarlet_Paw* I WANT LEMONS!! haha and anyone who has weird fuzzcubs come too i want to try an make a sub breed

  11. To the back page arrow, harvest again, and then do the foward arrow.
    It may not work! XP

  12. ok ppl it is like super easy and u get 100 fbs and a free pet each time!!! all u do is create a new account and then go to find a farm and search your farm that u want money for... then make a proposal for 100 fbs on any creature!! then log out of that account and go back to ur main account.... then accept the proposal and then go to the farm that now has ur creature and make a proposal to buy it back for 0 fbs also make a ofbs proposal for the free creature that would have came with the farm!! then log out and log back in ur new account and accept both proposals!! now u have 100fbs your pet u just sold and a free pet!!!! TADA!! do this like 5 times and u make 500 fbs and get 5 free pets!! how great is that!! and it isnt really even a cheat!!!

    plz favourite my farm!! it is and i have tons of animals for sale!!

  13. on cb im ksrg11.i didnt log on for a whole year(forgot password) and when i finnaly got on i had over 40,000FB's!! it was awesome! now im doing designs so im down to less than 800.:(

  14. shake the bonsai tree when your pet(s) are happy to get fb.

  15. i am now offering ALL my creatures for sale EXCEPT for one farm (i have too many creatures but i don't wanna set them into the wild) so come to my farm and bid on my creatures! if you want them for free that's cool too. ;D but seiriously come to my farms!!! supstern is my cb account!!!

  16. come to cookie luffer
    and bid on creatures!!

  17. i have lots of creatures for sale! most of them are free!! go to my Farm FOR SALE (my cb account is supstern)  and bid on my creatures!!

  18. You create alot of accounts (remember passwords and users) in every farm put a money tree and in your main farm have some pets. When you have enough money in the other farms from harvesting your trees bid on your pet from your main farm for X amount. EX)
    Farm 1 - 102,000
    Main - 0
    Creature - bid 102,000
    Go to your main and accept it
    Boom you have X amount of money

  19. Okay well you keep making new accounts and you always start out with 100$ so you can get what you want by sending that stuff you your REAL account.

  20. Just create acounts for storeing old creatures that you dont want to get rid of in a new acount then use you 100FBs you have and buy 9 Food-crates & 9 Money-trees.
    Put them in the new farms.
    Then you have a money making acount too store oldies and make money.
    Its a win win situation!!!!

    By the way visit my farms My name is firey-sales

  21. U go to your farm keep clicking your tree loads of times then it does(...) then click it 3 more times and immedenly you get 100,000

  22. I have a cheat... When u r breeding your animals, click breed, then quickly change the animal to breed with, let it load, and press breed again, voila two eggs, you can sell one and keep one, to earn money!

  23. make nother account and sell creeture for 0fbs then i think youll get it from ther

  24. it's very easy i took a plain tree the one you start with and wait a while and get the money then move the tree to different farm you made and get the money again and so on. my name is GardenMontro if you need any more info

  25. it's very easy i took a plain tree the one you start with and wait a while and get the money then move the tree to different farm you made and get the money again and so on. my name is GardenMontro if you need any more info

  26. Just get loads of farms with loads of trees

  27. Haha, I have a couple. You can make more money by making more farms. You Don't have to have money on your tree, so you simply login as a new user, and make 10 farms, filling them with trees. Within weeks you will make more money. Also, if your good at designing, you can make money by selling farms. My other cheat I Accidently found out haha, was how to breed more than twice. Please only tell a few people who won't spresd it, because the moderaters may find somehow to stop it. Okay, first you have to have links on your internet that can easily be cicked on to take you there, like a shortcut. Next, find two creatures you would like to breed. After, click breed, but then click the link before the page loads. Then go back, and you'll again be on the breeding page. If you need more help contact me:

  28. There are no cheats and hacks for CB.  You need patients and time.  I've played for around 4 years I think.  So I know.

  29. come to Cherry134

  30. ♥♥♥♥♥♥go to hlope~fuzz's account. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

  31. you know you should have a bonsai tree it will grow money on it everyday click on it to shake it and you get money


  32. P.S. razzzarooo's farm is awesome

  33. Oh, razzzarooo again, go to store to get them

  34. I'm razzzarooo on creaturebreeder, come visit me... but buy bonsai or maple trees( you get more money)

  35. i need a bonsai tree; i cant find it!
    please help me find one! (:

  36. The game of cb is a very intense game. People often become jealous of others when it comes to farm. The cheat is simply this, be humble and graceful. It will catch up later.

  37. come 2 muffin_52 and my farm are awsome i have like lots of friends but i have room for u

    go muffin_52 witch happens
    to be my account i
    really want more
    friends well
    maybe a

  38. Go to the store and get bonsi trees or red maple trees but you can only have 1 in each farm. click on the tree and you will get money. you can do so every  hour.

  39. Hey my name is Meep:)  on creature breeder. I have TONS of sales! If you bookmark me,I'd be happy to donate tons of money,trees,food,pets,even decorations! :) I have like.,..unlimited money ;)

  40. lol i think you should sell everything

  41. each time you make an account you start off with money so make another account then buy a creature off your first account for all you money then you will have loads of fBS!

  42. each time you make an account you start off with money so make another account then buy a creature off your first account for all you money then you will have loads of fBS!

  43. who cares if ur broke so am i mosly

  44. have another account with 10 farms open and have 10 bonsi trees,it will give you a extra 240 fbs a day,have a pet and offer the money like you would if you want to by the creature

    (on creaturebreeder)

  45. there are cheats i figuered this out about 10 months ago all u must do is buy a maple tree or bonsi tree and wait for a day to click it to get money thenafter u click it i mean right after click manage farms and move that tree to a different farm of urs then go to that farm and there will be coins again on the tree click it then move it to a different farm sometimes it might mess up and give u 10,000fbs each time u move it :) enjoy

  46. My name on creature breeder is ColdStar~come visit me!

  47. come to scott123

  48. I've been wondering to you can visit me on my farm ¤StarLeen¤ and i can give u some fbs i'm rich!

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