CPU Usage at 100% when no programs running

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  1. That is most likely due to too many apps starting up at the background. Try stopping some of XP user services

    click on start

    click on run

    type in MSCONFIG

    and press enter

    you will get system configuration utility

    click on services tab

    at the bottom there is a box which has a message hide all microsoft servicies

    put a checkmark in that box and then uncheck all boxes which you think is not a programe you use

    once you do this click on apply

    then click on close

    you will be asked to restart the system

    just restart it

    now you will get a message regarding system configuration utility

    do put a check mark in the box which says do not show me this message in future

    then click n ok

    your system should work fine.

  2. It appears to be a version of an old virus called sasser worm and it affects a process similar to lsass.exe but with an extra character in the name. The 60 second countdown is an indicator to the type of worm. A virus scan can detect and name it and should be sufficient to clear it - if not it will cause inconvenience but will not damage the software on the computer. If not cleared, then I can describe a simple process which can delete it - it was successful when I had the same worm some time ago

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