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  1. We provide loan for Business owners only, the name of our loan agency is NPA LOANS LTD.

    We are very sorry for inconvenience that this information may have caused.

    We give loan based on 2..5 % interest pay beck and not 25 as previously posted by our post management, be informed that you are to pay back in a period of 4 to five year pending on the amount that you borrow from our loan company.

    Be conscious of the fact, that your country high commission would be a witness to the transaction that your company would make with the NPA LOANS LTD.

    We assist falling Business to help them up again.

    The details that will be needed from the business owner, for a successful loan approval is the below following.

    1.) Company registration


    2.) Prove of Personality such as international Passport

    3.) Prove of residential Address

    Be informed that the entire above mentioned certificate will be confirmed by your country embassy.

    We offer urge Loans Capital, raging from $500.000USDollars to a maximum of $2.000.000 US Dollars.

    Please don’t contact us if you are not qualified with the above stranded!!!

    Contact Person: Mrs. ANNA MAPCO

    We bring unique expertise to our clients in the area of project financing of its company standard. Our focus is to use this expertise to help our clients successfully achieve a high standard quality of production to there customers. We can provide assistance in structuring a capitalization plan that is consistent with the client's financial capabilities, the demands of the Lender, and the specific forecasted operating results of the project under consideration. We have empowered lot of business owner contact us today.

    Brokers/Consultants are welcomed, appreciated, and protected!

    No 3rd party deals will be considered under any circumstances.

    For more details information about our Operation contacts us today.

    Contact us if you are not qualified with the above stranded!!! For more details contact email: or

    Our Motto: We empower your company financial image.


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