Bulgarian Hebar Open 2012: Roman Zirnwald – Elisabeth Baldauf claim Mixed Doubles title

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Bulgarian Hebar Open 2012: Roman Zirnwald – Elisabeth Baldauf claim Mixed Doubles title
Austria’s talented shuttlers Roman Zirnwald and Elisabeth Baldauf proved their supremacy when they secured Mixed Doubles title at the Bulgarian Hebar Open 2012 on Sunday, May 27, in Bulgaria.
In the final encounter, Roman and Elisabeth showed their brilliance and overpowered Blagovest Kisyov and Dimitria Popstoikova of Bulgaria after a sensational fight.
Roman and Elisabeth, who were top seeds in Mixed Doubles draw of the championship, had to dig into their reserves to beat their lower ranked local opponent who put up stunning resistance in the court.
The higher ranked Austrian couple won the first game but lost the second one. However, they managed to win the final game with a tight margin and claimed the title.
On the other hand, the Bulgarian shuttlers showed their aggressive skills and troubled their higher ranked rival while playing to their maximum potential.
However, the local shuttlers remained unlucky in the ending points of final set and lost the battle with a respectable score on the board.
In the first set, Roman and Elisabeth did not face any problem in controlling the pace of rallies and they dictated their rivals in all areas of the court.
Until the mid-game interval in this Mixed Doubles competition, Roman and Elisabeth were in comfortable as they took a superb lead on the board.
After the break, the top seeded Austrian shuttlers remained on track without losing their focus and won the set with a convincing margin of 21-14.
In the following set, the Bulgarian couple playing stunning badminton and set up a thrashing lead on the score board until the break.
After the interval, Roman and Elisabeth tried to bridge the huge gap but failed to control the pace of rallies and eventually lost the game to their lower ranked opponents with a margin of 11-21.
In the deciding set, both sides played to their maximum speed and kept their shots flats to create pressure. However, they could not take a comfortable advantage until the mid-game interval.
After the break, both couples remained positive and reached at the ending points when Roman and Elisabeth showed their class and secured the game with a narrow difference of 21-19.
Roman and Elisabeth won this final encounter in 55 minutes with a terrific 21-14, 11-21 and 21-19 margin on the score board.



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