Build-A-bear ville welcome pass?

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Do you know an e-mail address where the people from build-a-bear workshop will send me a welcome pass?




  1.  i dont have a lap top i am using myfreinds laptop please tel me 1

  2. Guest15306668 watch your language

  3. Are you kidding me


  4. i am so confused

  5. give me one now before i slap someone

  6. sorry no

  7. all of you lot shut the f*****g s**t up!!! aaarrgghh this is about build a bear web codes not a swaring contest!!!! god...some ppl...your all just fat ugly f*****g shitting b*****s!!!!!

  8. watch it let me tell you something

    SHUT THE f**k UP

  9. yall all better watch f***** mouth b*****s

  10. I might get one in February. I saw these id and key codes there and when you bring it online,you can choose the animal u want.

  11. i need one now

  12. i dont know  just give me some freikin a*s mothafucka welome pass biches gosh idiots dang now go f**k your a*s ok NOW GIVE ME SOME FUCKED UP WELCOME PASS b***h and ALL OF YOU ARE A PIECE OF s**t YEAH NOW GO f**k THE GRASS

  13. just give a code and go c**p. give me the piece of s**t. my dad think it is danming stupid. sorry about the bad words but i'm getting f****n' tired because u r not giving a*s is falling off and my bottom will be nothing but a floating a*****e. Grrr...

  14. i want to go to the store but i live in waterloo and it is 2 hours away and my dad said no!(=^_^=)it a kitty kat!

  15. Its illegal to give them out

  16. I don't know, but can someone email me a welcome pass at

  17. 8934-h6d3-52jf

  18. i know a e-mail it E-mail me!

  19. yes you go to build a bear emial

  20. i am getting one on my birth day ill tell you the id after i get it yall i still hate you bam bam turkey and ham

  21. i am getting one on my birth day ill tell you the id after i get it yall i still hate you bam bam turkey and ham

  22. i hate ya all

  23. Here's one! It's 5645-f50g-n3gf. If it's invalid sorry. I promise I didn't use it!

  24. sorry i'm not sure.

  25. sure here is 1 567hh866890nghd5456

  26. umm that doesn't work!!
    just go to the fricken store and ask for one!!!!!

  27. I send them online question, now Im waiting for welcome passes!!!

  28. It's

  29. Danm it people just give the poor people codes!!!!!

  30. HI

  31. u guest 1815515 u betta watch ya d**n mouth

  32. dont have one SORRY

  33. Dear Guest,  Thank you for your request for a welcome pass. The welcome passes were created when we launched BABV for all the Guests who had made bears in our stores prior to 10/07 when we launched the new site. We don't need the passes anymore because all animals bought in our stores since 10/01/07 come with the codes, the Bear Bills, the quests and the condo room. We also made our site fun for people who cannot get to a store. While there may be some welcome passes in our store locations, we no longer have codes to give away via email and phone requests and they will not be reprinted. The absolutely best way to get the most out of your experience in is to make a furry friend purchase at your nearest Build-A-Bear Workshop store or online at . Our furry friends are BEARY affordable and start at just $10 (US) $12 (Canada) for a full sized cuddly, friend. Click here for a location nearest to you: EVERY furry friend comes with at least 2000 bear bills (more if a new animal launch), a room in your condo, and a special and rare gift when you enter it online. Our newest launch is the Summer Hugs Bear and we will launch our New Endless Hugs Teddy on 5/15.   When you purchase products at our store or online you can also enter your receipt code and get credits to buy special clothes and accessories for your furry friend and your online character in the Bear Boutique. If you are a member of our Stuff Fur Stuff loyalty program you also get even more bear bills to spend online. To stay in the know about cool new stuff, check out our Jr. CyBearGuide program. Find out more about it at Bear University┬«!  We hope to see you BEARY soon.

    Thats wot that email sent me NO LIE! EVEN CHECK!

  34. you people are being a peice of s**t!

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