Brian Marwood urges academy players to avoid behaving like Balotelli

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Manchester City’s football administrator, Brian Marwood has gone on to urge the club’s younger academy members to avoid following and his behaviour, as he feels that it would see them fail to achieve anything significant in the future.
Following his move to Manchester City, Mario Balotelli has been at the heart of a number of controversies. He has been caught up having arguments with his manager, while at one point he was caught throwing darts at players.
It is believed that the team are actually considering the player leave the team due to his behaviour, which is why Marwood doesn’t want any of the youngsters to follow in the Italian striker’s footsteps.
When talking about how players need to behave and the kind of attitude that they need to show, the City administrator is reported to have said: “I look at, Joleon Lescott”
“We have a lot of players who think and behave in the right way. You have to make sure they're the role models.’
“I think, and we all know who you're talking about, you'll always get people within the system that will not show those values and behaviours, but in the main I think we have a fantastic group of players."
Marwood also went on to reveal that City actually let a player leave in the past due to his behaviour. He didn’t name the player, but when talking about him, he went on to state:
“A player no longer at the club came out of the reception at our Carrington training ground, where we'd spent a lot of money, and spilled some rubbish on the pathway. He then walked across newly laid turf - which he shouldn't really have walked across -
and got into his car. He disrespected the environment he was in.”
He also pointed out that five minutes later Gareth Barry came forth and picked up the trash, after which he disposed of it in the trash can.
It seems like City are looking to induce a sense of culture into their youngsters, which is something that can benefit the team exponentially in the future.



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