Brent Hayden triumphs Men’s 50m freestyle heats - Canadian Olympic & Paralympic Trials

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Brent Hayden triumphs Men’s 50m freestyle heats - Canadian Olympic & Paralympic Trials
Brent Hayden of VAND triumph the qualification rounds of Men’s 50m freestyle on day six of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Trials in Montreal on Sunday, April 1.
The 28-year-old Hayden showed no mercy to his challengers as he went full throttle in the single-lap freestyle event. With his immaculate efforts, he faced no trouble in surpassing his challengers over the finishing wall for first position.
He remained prominently ahead of his subsequent competitor and completed his swim in a time of 22.33 seconds to qualify into the final as top fastest swimmer. His impeccable swim, placed him 0.39 seconds ahead of Richard Hortness of LAC, who made his way into the playoff as second best swimmer by posting a time of 22.72 seconds.
The 26-year-old Hortness was followed by Luke Peddie of OSC, who remained just 0.05 seconds slower from him over the finishing end and clocked an effort of 22.77 seconds to enter the playoff.
The fourth spot of the discipline was secured by Kyle Troskot of LASC, who proved his eligibility in the final round by submitting a time of 22.94 seconds. The 20-year-old Troskot was chased by Martyn Forde of CW, who stayed 0.08 seconds behind him and emerged on the finishing end as fifth best swimmer by reporting a time of 23.02 seconds.
The 26-year-old Forde was trailed by Duncan Partridge of OAK, who was only 0.15 seconds slower from overwhelming his former finisher and hit the wall with the timing of 23.17 seconds for sixth position.
The sixth best finisher of the discipline was chased by Charlie Tapp of LOSC, who stayed just a nail slower from his preceding swimmer and posted a time of 23.18 seconds. The last qualification spot of the race was obtained by Geoffrey Cheah of HKG, who remained just an inch behind his former finisher.
The 21-year-old Cheah remained just 0.06 seconds slower and hit the wall with the timing of 23.24 seconds for eighth best qualification spot of the event.
Hayden was delighted with his commendable effort and claimed that he will try to maintain his position in the final round.



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