Brenden Morrow scores for Dallas Stars against Los Angeles Kings in overtime – NHL update

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Brenden Morrow scores for Dallas Stars against Los Angeles Kings in overtime – NHL update
Brenden Morrow’s overtime game winning goal late Monday night toppled the lowly Los Angeles Kings. The Kings have now slumped even further in the Western Conference after their defeat 4-3 at the STAPLES Centre in Los Angeles, California.
Dallas has now won two consecutive games while LA has lost two games in a row. The Stars are tied with Calgary for fifth place in the Western Conference after they have got off to a good start this month, unlike in February, where they lost nine of the twelve
games played. This also included a five straight losing streak. LA finished off its home games with a 3-3 record, playing well after the All-Star Game. They have managed to stay above the play-off line in a tightly jammed conference.
Willie Mitchell scored his third goal of the season nearly midway through the first phase from a low end which shot off defensemen Stephane Robidas and through Kari Lehtonen giving LA an early lead.
The over 18,000 crowd was silenced in the second period when Mike Ribeiro tied the game with a brilliant goal. The crowd got back into the game when Justin Williams scored on an assist by Anze Kopitar. He picked up his second score of the night only 37 seconds
later giving the Kings a lead once again 2-1 at the end of the first 40 minutes.
Both teams had nearly equal opportunities as the rookie goalie, Jonathan Bernier, was able to make 18 saves while counterpart Kari Lehtonen deflected 20.
It was like the second period repeated itself in the final when Trevor Daley made the opening goal within two minutes as he was playing deep in the LA defensive side making it his first since early January. It was a tie-breaking night for the Kings, when
Kyle Clifford again took the lead 44 seconds later.
As the final 20 minutes were coming to a close, Dallas was in desperation mode. Jamie Benn intercepted a pass from Drew Doughty and sent it between the pipes and evened out the score at the 5:20 mark, forcing the game into overtime. Dallas again scored early
in OT, this time thanks to Captain Brenden Morrow taking charge within 38 seconds from a spectacular pass from Ribeiro.
Dallas finished its four game road trip with a 3-4 record, now going back home for a lengthy seven game series, firing the first off against rivals Calgary Flames on Wednesday. After a hopeless home series, LA is taking off on the road for a four game road-trip
starting with Dallas on Sunday.



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