Breaking news - tyson g*y not in 100M final.Give your opinion on this?

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I am shocked to see tyson g*y losing out.I want USA to be on top of medallists because China doesn't deserve it.




  1. I do not share your views about the Americans, they are just as bad as the chinese.

  2. what the h**l are you doing here Shailesh, you are supposed to be criticising India in cricket section ~

  3. What a shame. This is what happens when you do not perform as well as the other athletes. It's why they have qualifying heats, to separate the quickest. Apparently he was not among that number.

    Does that answer your question or were you looking to do a little American bashing?

  4. is he not? he is many peoples favourite. although i saw some highlights this morning from one of the heats he was in and he looked like he was struggling

    it's got to be bolt all the way now anyway. looking forward to it

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