Boys, peeing on locker room floors?

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Last week I overheard a conversaton between a little boy and his mom where he told that while in the locker room at our neighborhood pool, rather than going to the toilet my boys (among others) were just peeing on the floor of the dressing area. I was embarrassed and speachles, but to my surprise she responded, "yeah, boys do that honey, there's no harm in it, if you want to". I chewed out my boys, but they tell all the guys do so. I had a conversation with my brother a middle school swim coach and he assured me, "don't worry, a lot of the boys pee in the showers or over drains, ect." Is this ok in the boys room? How many guys do, don't or have seen this? Give your age, moms tell about your boys. Should I leave them alone or dicipline them for it!




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     I am 12boy an op-ed On floor school annotation everyday

  2. Guest56917

     is this a common thing in USA? I live in Sweden and have never seen anything of that you describes. 

  3. I iam 12 boy an I pee on the floor lockerrom at school an at the ymca in the boys lockerroom no grownups are allowed

  4. Have some respect.  Have respect for the people around you.  Have respect for the janitorial staff that must attempt to clean up after you.  Have respect for yourself, how you are representing yourself and the example you are exhibiting for children who are blind sided by your innapropriate behavior.  What is popular is not always what is right.  It does not make it right just because this handful of "gentlemen" have acted in this way.  You are portraying yourself as a low class individual by doing this.  If that is what your goal is, then bully for you.  If not, then make the decision to actually utilize the facilities that are made available to you for proper disposable of your urine.  They are there for a reason.  If the majority of society did not believe that you should use a toilet, they would not exist. 


  5. Have some respect.  Have respect for the people around you.  Have respect for the janitorial staff that must attempt to clean up after you.  Have respect for yourself, how you are representing yourself and the example you are exhibiting for children who are blind sided by your innapropriate behavior.  What is popular is not always what is right.  It does not make it right just because this handful of "gentlemen" have acted in this way.  You are portraying yourself as a low class individual by doing this.  If that is what your goal is, then bully for you.  If not, then make the decision to actually utilize the facilities that are made available to you for proper disposable of your urine.  They are there for a reason.  If the majority of society did not believe that you should use a toilet, they would not exist. 

  6.  i am female and i pee on the floor.

    its fine

  7. We did it all the time in school, but once my little brother saw me do it at the pool and told our mom about it. I figured I'd get yelled at, but mom said oh what's the differance and told my little brother he should mind his own business.

  8. My 13 year old son just showed this thread and put me on the spot asking which responce I thought best. We've never spoke of this subject before so I think he was surprised when I smiled and said, "I guess I'd have to agree with the last woman, I really don't mind where you go, it's not like the floors are clean or that others haven't already done so and besides I don't suppose I'll ever know about it, will I?" He was a bit shocked for a moment and then came a sheepish grinn and his reply, "yeah, I guess you'll never know."  

  9. i'm a female and don't really mind where my boyfriend/son pees in the locker/changing rooms as long as it is over some form of drain. I, personally have peed in the locker rooms over tha drain and in the shower (mainly because the toilets are on the other side of the building. and to those against me 1 urine is sterile unless the person is sick and

    2 the floor is dirty anyways so its not going to make a difference

  10. you people are disgusting. Why don't you pee in your living room floor? Becasue it is disgusting and unhygenic that's why not. Plus it smells bad. Pee might be sterile when it leaves the body (so long as you aren't carrying some sort of disease, like hep c or E Coli), but it doesn't stay sterile for long. As soon as oxygen reaches it, it begins to grow bacteria. It is bullshit to say that it is too acid. No wonder America is what it is today. Falling apart. OK, so you pee on the grass behind the shed. No big deal. But to pee on the floor of the locker room is awful. And girls doing it too. What if someone walks through with open wounds on their feet? Yuck, yuck yuck.

  11. WOW!!!!!!!!! I am shocked at you all you mothers? Did it ever occure to you your sones may need some privacy? And what about the oother boys-guess you don't think they need any privacy either-oh wait-I know-you hav seen it all anyways right? What the heck are you doing in the mens changing, locker rooms? Would you approve of men in the females locker rooms?  We also know what a girl looks like nude so I guess you would be ok with that?I am shiock at your calloused disregard for your sons and the opther boys modesty!!! And I know you know that females pee in the female locker rooms showers so get over yourself already! And for the sake of your sons, give them some space and my God some privacy!

  12. When I was 12 and in a movie theater there was a woman and boy of about 10 behind me. Just as the movie got exciting the boy said he had to pee.  His mother told him to do it there.  I could hear him peeing on the back of my seat, and saw the pee go between my feet.

  13. It doesn't surprise me that boys would do this, I've heard talk of it over the years, but I was surprised when I took my little preschool boy to swimming lessons. It was at the high school pool during the summer and it was closed to all but the preschoolers. Since the boys need help changing, many moms where in the boys locker room. As we walked in I noticed a little boy naked, peeing in the shower area. I looked about expecting his mom to rush over and stop him, but instead he finished and walked back to his mom waiting near the benches. Over the next few minutes a couple more boys went pee in the showers and just did it toward a floor drain! One of the instructors, a woman in her 50's, walked through and paused to speak with a couple moms she knew and welcomed us as newcomers. As she did, my son having seen the other boy go pee pee, said to me, "mom, I got go pottie..".   I replied, "ok, just a minute we'll go" and tried to excuse ourselves with the coach. To my surprise his coach quietly said to him, "you know, boys don't have to use the pottie, in the locker room the boys just go pee pee on the floor." I was shocked, not that boys did it and maybe not even that their coach knew of it, but I couldn't believe she was encouraging them to do it and especially in front of me, someone she just met. It was very awkward for me, but being the other boys were doing so, there moms seemed ok with it and his coach had just told him to, I also told him to just go. I don't guess I'd care if he was doing so on his own will out of my view, but even after months of lessons I'm still a bit uncomfortable seeing the boys peeing in the locker room or showers.

  14.  Ok. I go to my local pool a lot with my friends and we always go into the male changing area which has no cubicles, just a bench running around the outside and a separate shower room leading off of it. I (not sure about my friends) always pee in the shower if I need to go, however I will never pee in the changing are as I find it rather unhygienic. Yet I'm always seeing other people doing it.

    Like a couple of weeks ago, we were getting changed and this guy stands his kid (no older than 8) up on the bench and lets him pee up the wall and all down onto the floor in front of everyone. (Baring in mind the changing area only has one small drain in the centre of the room.) Then just last week, another boy of about the same age, peed on the bench right next to me. I wasn't best pleased to say the least!

    So yea, in my view, peeing in the shower is fine, but peeing in the cubicles or changing area is an absolute no-no.

  15. i wanna get peed on :(

  16. Funny to stumble across this thread now. I certainly wouldn't have been surprised to hear that my boys or any others for that matter would do such a thing as boys, even men aren't generally timid or choosy about where to go, but I'd never actually heard anything said about it, until recently. I was with my eldest son locking up our neighborhood pool as we were the last to leave and knowing neither of us had clothes to change into I choose to follow behind my son through the mens room as it's much shorter. My son is in his late teens and generally the timid, quiet type, but to my surprise as I walked in he was standing with his back to me peeing onto the floor. I tried to walk through quietly, but he noticed me and stopped instantly! I calmly said to him, "don't mind me, finish up, i'll be outside" and walked out. He was mortified when he came out and quickly began appologising, but I laughed it off and said, "oh don't worry about it, I'm sorry I walked in on you, I didn't expect you to still be in there, but what you were doing doesn't really surprise me or upset me, boys will be boys". I think he was surprised that I was aware of such things and wasn't upset by it. Since he's been a lot more open in general with me. It's good to get things out in the open, better to accept what you can't control and live with it rather than to create a barrier between each other. Besides, it's not really that bad anyway.

  17. Peeing in the locker room showers is a given.  Most guys do it and don't think twice about it.  No big deal if a guy pees into a drain in the locker room floor either.  It saves water.

  18. When I was quite young, about 7, I was always taken into the girls locker room with my aunt, she had two daughters. They got changed in the cubicle, but often used to sit on the seat and wee on the floor. On one occasion, my aunt asked if I needed to wee. I felt embarassed, anyway the two little girls left and I was in the cubicle with my aunt. I said that I did need to wee but was a little embarassed. When I was undressed my aunt stood me on the bench and told me it was ok to wee, she then held my willy to reassure me and waited until I had weed on the floor. She said I shouldnt be embarassed about weeing in the changing rooms, lots of people do it

  19. I think its ok to wee on the locker room floor.
    I saw a boy of about ten weeing on the bench and floor.
    His did was standing next to him and he never told the boy to stop.
    The boy got dressed and left, then his dad did a wee as well
    I din't know what to do, but as a grown up had done it I thought it was ok to do. I tried to find a place where there were no others, but I couldnt so I just had a wee on the floor. Some grown ups saw me and didn't bother

  20. I've never seen it, but it wouldn't bother me at all if a guy any age pisses into a floor drain in the locker room.  It all ends up in the same place.

  21. im 13 and i pee on floor in changing room as long as there is a drain men c me peeing to

  22. For boys this has always been quite common, I've seen many do it at school and at pools. As boys we were always hesitant to do so around older men and you never used to see men doing it, it was just a boy thing. In recent years I've noticed boys are less concerned about men seeing them do it and I've seen adult men are doing it more so as well. As a kid I did so just for fun, but as an adult I find it's more convienent to just do it on the floor and I've yet to hear anyone complain. As it's been said, it isn't unsanitary as urine is sterile nor is it offensive as guys are naked anyway. Women shouldn't concern themselves with what goes on in the mens room anyway. If the other boys or men using the locker room don't find it objectionable you shouldn't worry about it.

  23. I think boys doing that is ok. I, for one, have never done it but, these are some reasons why it's ok. 1)Urine is sterile so it won't do anything 2)Urine is actually acidic, so it will destroy some bacteria that's already on the floor 3)The reason why other people do it is because it's convenient and doesn't do any real harm. If there was something really wrong with it, then why have 95% of all the comments say that they've seen others do it? Many people do it because again, there's nothing wrong with it. The reason why people don't pee in public isn't because peeing itself is illegal. It's because of the "Indecent Exposure" law, which means that your private parts can't be shown in public. It isn't illegal for someone to walk into public wearing a swimsuit and pee in the swimsuit. It isn't illegal because it's not "Indecent Exposure". So next time you see your boys doing that, don't yell at them or punish them. They're doing something completely fine. In fact, there helping the environment by saving the 2 gallons of water you use every time you flush the toilet!

  24. If the floor is already wet, then a little pee won't make a difference.
    Interesting that girls, with the longer lines at the toilets, aren't more likely than boys to find alternative locations.

  25. it is natural for boys to pee on the floor make sure if they are going to pee on the floor it is in the shower or over a drain as noone else will have to step in it but urine is a good cleanser for sores

  26. The boys should be told to stand at a urinal and go.

  27. I wee on the floor if I need to, lots of other boys and men do as well. Sometimes my dad wees on the flor when he gets out of the pool. I have always done this since being very young, no one seems to mind. when my mum takes me in with her to change, some of the girls wee on the floor as well, I saw a lady wee once on the floor and it looked funny

  28. I think its ok to wee on the floor, lots of people do it, even some older boys, they seem to wee lots and lots

  29. Well my boys do it, I never encouraged them to, but as the oldest hit 9 or 10 years he began following the example of other boys at our local pool. I wasn't really comfortable with it, but what can I do if they're in the boys room. I'd usually take my youngest through the ladies room with me, but sometimes he'd go with his brothers. One day in the ladies room while I wasn't looking my little 4 year old started peeing over a drain and when I noticed and told him to stop I was surprised that several women responded "oh, he's ok, let him finish", "he's a boy let him go" and "no point in stopping him now honey, that's where he'll go in the boys room, all the boys do that," and everyone chuckled and agreed. Since that time I haven't worried about it. I'll also confess, there have been times since, when one of the boys said "I have to pee" at the last moment and I've just vaguely said, "just go" and turned a blind eye as he choose where to do it. I've seen other boys do it, I've heard other moms condone it and it really doesn't matter, it all goes down the drain, so don't worry about it, let boys be boys and there will be times when it will be more convienent for you that they just go, rather than look for or wait for them to use a toilet.

  30. Usually my friend goes to take my dughter and her 2 daughters after the pool and take them home, but lastweek she couldn't so I went to take them It is an old sporting center and the pool changing room has no toilets inside, while the showers are poolside. I went into the girls changing room to take the girls. While dressing my friend smaller daughter told to her big sister that she needed to pee, and the other girl replied her to go "as usual". To my surprise the girl squatted and pee on the floor near the bench...I was puzzled but said nothing. In the evening I told my friend about it, and I was surprised to her that she knows they pee in the changing room and allow them to do it.

  31. Once I was in spain with a family friend, we went to a pool that had changing rooms separated from toilet block.
    My friend daughter and son complained of needing to pee before we arrive. As we got in the changing room the child sayd that he needed to pee, asking the permission to go.
    To my surprised the mother agreed and both the children peed on the floor, while few other mother with children in the room noticed it and didn't complained.

  32. ve noticed that at the local pool, into the small kids changing room mother let the kids peeing in the changing room (on the floor, on the drain, in a corner against the wall). It happens mostly in the boys room, bit in the little girls it happens too.
    I've seen mother suggesting or encouraging the kides to pee there..
    My sister let their children (b and F) pee on the floor in changing room, and when she took my children (2 g and 1 b) to the pool she make them pee there too. So now too I let them pee whne thei are in the pool changing room. as I noticed that other kids do it, and mothers never complained about it

    do you have any experience about it?

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