Boston Celtics: Franchise players in each NBA Team – NBA Feature Part 2

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Boston Celtics: Franchise players in each NBA Team – NBA Feature Part 2
Boston Celtics – Rajon Rondo
Thought as the man, who was the main reason why the best three point shooter of all times, Ray Allen left the Boston Celtics, Rajon Rondo is the star slated to carry this legendary NBA franchise into the future.
Though many can argue that Kevin Garnett is still the man who holds the key, given the desperation with which the Celtics pursued the big man this summer before finally signing him on a 3 year and $ 36 million contract, the veteran
centre is at the twilight of his career and a dip in his performances is bound to come. Same is the case with Paul Pierce, who showed signs of fading away late last season.
Over the course of the last three years Rondo has established himself as the floor general of the C’s.  He is as gifted a point guard as you will ever see in NBA. He has a tremendous court vision, one that is head and shoulders
above that his contemporaries and it was his talent that forced Doc River to make him the shot caller on the floor rather than Allen, a thing that didn’t go well with the latter.
For his size, Rondo is an excellent rebounder and shows great hustle on the D. The only weak point in his arsenal is his inability to find his jumpers on a consistent basis and that is something which has been continuously exploited
by rival teams.
His case is not helped by the fact that the point guard is hesitant to force his way into the traffic and draw contact, mainly due to the fact that he is a career 61.2 percent shooter from the stripe.
His free throw shooting went down further in the last regular season, but in the playoffs, Rondo managed nearly 70 percent of his charity shots. Not only that, but the point guard blossomed in other facets as well. Having career
averages of only 10.8 points, 8.1assists and 4.4 rebounds, the swingman erupted with averages of 17.3 points, 11.9 dimes and 6.7 rebounds in the 19 post season games and was the main reason why the Greens took the Miami Heat to seven games in the Eastern Conference
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