Best Rewards Credit Card?

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I need to get a credit card to put my works expenses on.

I'll be sticking quite a few bits on during the month. I'll be clearing the balance each month.

Can anyone advise me on the best card to go for which offers some decent rewards, e.g. airmiles or gifts etc?

Any thoughts greatfully received.

Many thanks,





  1. I would have to say citibank cash back, or american express miles card check out and go under reward cards here you will be able to compare them all side by side on rates, fees and rewards.

  2. Yea I like all chase cards.. Check them out at

  3. Check out the chase freedom card.  3% cashback on certain categories.

  4. James,

    Here is a web site which has several good rewards offers depending on what you want:

    You can apply on line for any of them and most will approve your application while you are on line.  If not, you will hear back within 2 days.

    Best of luck!

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