Bernie Ecclestone and team principals negate three-car teams’ prospects in F1 – Formula 1 news

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Bernie Ecclestone and team principals negate three-car teams’ prospects in F1 – Formula 1 news
Bernie Ecclestone and other team principals have ruled out a chance of having three-car teams to start up the race on the Formula one grid.
It was suggested by Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo recently that there should be some amendments to the rules and regulations to make the game more interesting. He also suggested that this would increase the interest of not only the fans, but media
and sponsors as well and overall competitiveness of the game will also increase.
But the main view at the meeting in Abu Dhabi was that it would be harder for lower budget teams to manage a third car, where as it would not be a problem for bigger teams like Ferrari and Red Bull, which can create in even greater imbalance between teams.
“If by chance we lost a couple of teams then I think it will probably be good,” Ecclestone told “But the other teams don't like it. You can imagine if we have got three Ferraris, three Red Bulls, and three McLarens, it is not so good
for other people.”
McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh admitted that the idea is very appealing to him, but said that he also realises that it would not be in the best interest of all the teams competing in Formula 1 at the moment.
Although Ross Brawn principal of Mercedes said that variety on the grid is imperative for the sport, and so it has to be made sure that smaller teams can cope with the financial rigours of the Formula 1.
“I think there are some interesting ideas about a third car,” Whitmarsh added. “We would all be excited to have [Valentino] Rossi or Sebastien Loeb or someone in a Formula One car. It would be great but, as Ross said, I think we have got to act responsibly.”
He also gave the example of Sir Frank Williams, who will be in danger of losing his place if Formula 1 was to introduce three-car teams, and said that teams like Williams are the lifeblood of the sport and the sport needs them to be a part of it.



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