Berlin - nightlife query, ID query, pub crawl query?

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I'm going to Berlin with friends next week, and was just wondering if anyone could recommend any particularly good clubs/bars and anywhere to avoid.

Also two of my friends are 17. How difficult would it be for them to get into the nightspots? I read you are not going to get IDed if you are on an organised pub crawl, can anyone vouch for that?

Which also leads to my next point: has anyone been on either of these Berlin tourist pub crawls?:

"Insomniac Tour" (

"The New Berlin Pub Crawl" (

If so, or you have simply looked at those sites, what are your opinions?




  1. p**p on u dont go there

  2. I'm a local, so heaven forbid, I wouldn't want to be caught dead in one of those pub crawls! No offense, it's just too touristy and not my thing, so I can't give you any advise on that. If you want my honest opinion: I wouldn't do one of those crawls. It's not the "real" Berlin and not authentic at all. I think it's more interesting and fun to go your own ways. Besides, Berliners are getting really fed up with those pub crawls 'cause people are misbehaving big time and it also gives the city a shady name.

    Anyways: Having grown up in Berlin, I can assure you that you will get into most clubs even at the age of 17. Of course you might have an unlucky day, but hey, then you just try it at another club! It only happened to me once or twice that I was refused entry under the age of 18. Depends on how young/old you look though as well. But usually the ladies never have much trouble getting in;-) Just be polite and calm and not (too) drunk when you arrive at the club! I don't know what music you like, but clubs I always recommend are the Magnet Club (in district Prenzlauer Berg): , the Watergate (electronic music in a great location): , and the Bang Bang Club (Indie/Retro music in district Mitte at Hackescher Markt): ...but there are soooo many more! I would advise you to buy a "Zitty" or a "Tip" when you are there. They are city magazines and feature concert and party listings (you won't need much German in order to understand those listings).

    If you just want to grab a drink - outside of a pub crawl - just go to the districts Friedrichshain or Prenzlauer Berg, there are many nice pubs and bars there, e.g. at Simon-Dach-Strasse. Even if you are IDed: over the age of 16 you can always get "soft" alcohol such as beer in Germany (it's legal)! Oranienburger Strasse and Hackescher Markt are also very lively and interesting streets/places to see at night and get a drink.....What's also fun are the beach bars in Berlin along the river Spree, e.g. Strandbar Mitte at Friedrichstrasse or the beach at Ostbahnhof (Oststrand), see:

    Have fun!

  3. My favorite part of Berlin was the anarchist squatters community. There are a lot of artists and underground pubs and punk shows really cool. No drinking age in Germany.

    Make sure you try Mohnkuchen (kind of sweet at the bakery).

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