Being hired with PTSD as a police officer?

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Long story short been to Iraq as Infantry so was delt with a PTSD label.. I really want to be a police officer and fear this will effect my chances. I have nothing wrong with me I just have done and seen lots of things most people never will. So if there are any Police officers out there or anyone with any information to help me please any info would be appreciated..




  1. I understand your feelings about PTSD and am 100% service connected myself. The only person who is stopping you from becoming a police officer with ptsd is you. Its against the law for any law enforcement agency to not hire you, when you have pstd. I researched this subject in totality, and after you take your pys. examination, and pass it, it is up to the department and its policy. If you can pass a pyc. examine, then your okay. So don't sweat it, I became an officer and you can too. hope that is a letter from a CALIFORNIA POST MANAGER, stating the same information.  So do not allow ptsd to ruin your life, you can build your destiny.

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