Bedbugs?!?!?(serious question)?

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My friend just confirmed she has bedbugs.. What does she do now? Does she need a new mattress? exterminator?




  1. exterminator, and wash the sheets in bleach immediatly [if colorfull use color bleach]or the allso sell bayer home deffence and look for on that sais bedbugs i belive the spray is blue dont use foggers cuz it wont work

  2. No need for the exterminator: just spray the mattress and sheets with personal insect repellent!  It works. I've had success with this several times.

    (Those bites are the worst!!)

  3. I would spray with insect spray and leave the mattress out to breath. I wouldn't spray with just any spray though, you'd have to find the right one cuz you don't want to have breathing problems from that poison being that close to your face all night long. Then I would get a mattress cover, one that will keep out dust mites. If it's good enough to keep those tiny guys out it should work on the bed bugs.

  4. Are you talking of bedbugs or dust mites?

    There is a difference.

    If it's really bed-bugs

    then they will be difficult to get rid of and require special attention.

    If it's dust-mites then a good vacuuming of the mattress and room and change of bedding should suffice.

  5. Bedbugs are real. Additionally, their bites are filled with strong venom. The bites can be irritated for weeks, specifically if your immune system is weak or you have a diet largely without veggies and fruits.

    I strongly suggest throwing out all bedding and washing the bed linens with the hottest water possible. Arm and Hammer Detergent with baking soda will wash the bugs down the drain providing you use very hot water. If throwing out your mattress and box spring are not an option for you; get a spray bottle, fill it with 1/4 bleach and 3/4 water. Mist your bed daily for three days. Flip the mattress over and spray the underside and box spring also. It will take that long to kill the bugs and the larvae. Be careful to cover other objects in the room for overspray and wear old clothes.

  6. every bed has bedbugs every human has bugs crawling on them . they are just tiny and are no harm . but if your friend wants to he/she can change the bed sheets to feel better :)

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