Beach resorts in goa?

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Beach resorts in goa?




  1. We got back from Goa last week, we stayed at the whispering palms hotel, it's an all inclusive with Jacuzzi, swimming pool, well worth staying at.

  2. U can check out which is the no.1 website of Goa where u will get lots of information.

  3. would not bother, malaria, bad water rip off prices, expensive beer, dirty beaches, poor hygeine, bad food and the possibility of being trampled every time you cross the road by an elephant. ASeriously never again

  4. Goa is not one place, its a state.

    Popular places from north to south are:

    Vagator, Anjuna up north, then the package tourism favorites of Baga, Calangute and Candolim.

    All these places have budget accomodation, especially in this season.

    Then there is Panjim, and Madgaon, both cities.

    South of these are the beaches of Colva and Benaulim popular with domestic tourists.

    Finally the paradise beach of Palolem where you can stay in beach huts but not in the rainy season.

  5. depends on whether you want busy or quiet.the north is busy and more like blackpool with sunthe south is a lot quieter and has better star hotelsboth have good clean beaches and unlike the first answer who i think has only fantasised in his head about goa i have been many many times and enjoyed them all.the beer is kingfisher, (top brand) or house beer which is usually fostersthe hotels cater for europeans but its done in indian style and there is always local dishes on too.the water isn,t recommended for drinking but like most far east countries bottled water is always on hand and its cheap, in fact the whole of goa is cheap.the locals are friendly and regardless of recent tourist unrest its mainly very quiet.baga beach, candolim, calangute are busy and have touristy shops and bars and mainly 2 and 3 * hotels

    varca and cavellosim in the south are a lot quiter and are mainly 3+, 4 and 5* hotels and in my view are better.

    and no you won,t get trampled by elephants, the few there are, are so used to tourists that they get bored being photgraphed!!!!!

    all in all goa is a great holiday resort.

    we,ve stopped at the whispering palms as well and found it good

    ps. take advantage of cheap, good quality diamonds

  6. Someone had a bad holiday.

    It all depends what you like, however the likes of Baga and Calangute are said to be the lively places with clubs like Titos, Club Cubana and bars like Mambos and Kamakis all close by. That said there are plenty of places should you just want a relaxing meal, with a bit of light entertainment. If you are looking for more of a peaceful bream try palolem.

    I have been there many times, and never been sick, run over by an elephant............

  7. you should check on website of goa government and tourism

  8. Plenty of them. What exactly do you want to know? .....Rates, availability, location?

    First of all decide whether you want to be in the north or south of Goa and then check them out according to your budget.
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