Barcelona enters into UEFA Champions league final after beating Real Madrid on 3-1 goal aggregate

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Barcelona enters into UEFA Champions league final after beating Real Madrid on 3-1 goal aggregate
Catalan giants, Barcelona have booked their place into yet another final of the UEFA Champions League, after beating bitter rivals Real Madrid 3-1, on aggregate goal difference.
Remarkable scenes were seen at Nou Camp the other night on Tuesday, May 3, when thousands of Barcelona fans celebrated the success of their team, who have now reached closer to claiming their fourth European Cup title.  
Pep Guardiola’s, after crushing Madrid 2-0 in the first of the two legged Champions League semi-finals last week, played a 1-1 draw at Nou Camp in the second tie. The draw helped them knock Madrid out of the tournament, with a convincing 3-1 aggregate
Barcelona produced a magnificent goal in the 53rd minute, when Pedro’s brilliant strike went past Madrid goal-keeper, Iker Cassilas. Barcelona’s mid-fielder, Andres Iniesta made his all important contribution in that goal by giving an exclusive
pass to
After Barcelona’s dominance, Madrid bounced back, as they opened up their account only ten minutes later than of their opponent’s goal. Di Maria ran into Barcelona’s box after beating one of their defenders and tried to slam the ball past Valdes,
but it re-bounded from the goal post. Di Maria was fortunate to find the ball back after the re-bound, as he then deliberately made a pass to an uncovered, who scored for Madrid and brought them back into the match.
Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho was under immense pressure for employing defensive tactics, as he made the surprise inclusion of Kaka and Higuain in the starting line-up, but unfortunately his decision did not pay-off.
The ‘Special One’, Jose Mourinho watched the match from his Hotel compound after he refused to watch the game live from the ground. Mourinho was sent onto the stands last week after misbehaving with match officials on the matter of Pepe’s red card.
Barcelona, who went on to start the match with a 4-3-3 formation, avoided any physical affair with Madrid, as Pedro was their only player who was booked with a Yellow card in the 82nd minute. Madrid’s desperation for victory on the other hand,
led them to play the match in an aggressive intent.
Five Madrid players were given yellow cards. These players included (85).
Barcelona will most likely take on Manchester United in the final of the European Cup at Wembley, as United are the favourites to play the final after convincingly beating Schalke 2-1, in the first-leg of the Champions League semi-final match.



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