Banzai waterslide is torn who do I call?

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Banzai waterslide is torn who do I call?




  1. Try and return it where you bought it from.  I worked for a store that sold them and almost everyday someone called or came in saying they had a problem with it.  It's way too expensive to tear every time you try using it.

  2. wuts dat? i raff i ruse?

  3. The manufacture of the waterslide - the number or website should be on the box or on the item itself.

    Don't bother taking it back to where you bought it because they are just going to point out the BIG writing on the box that says IF DEFECTIVE OR MISSING PARTS DO NO RETURN TO THE STORE PLEASE CALL.... or something like that.

    Besides, did your kit not include patches? Inflatables always include extra patches for repairs.

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