Bankruptcy questions?

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Is it better to do it yourself or get a lawyer?




  1. Hi, I just filled for ch. 7 and I'm getting my discharge in less than 2 weeks. I went with a lawyer. She really made things easier for me. I basically didnt have to do anything except my two bankruptcy classes and attend the creditors meeting. I paid 1400 total, and very well worth it. See the problem is that if you do it on your own, you can miss a crucial component of the paperwork, and they will dismiss your case in a heart beat.

    If you dont have the money for a lawyer upfront, usually they will work with you to get your paperwork started, and just charge for the court costs upfront then collect the rest before you file. At my creditors meeting in the court, there were over 100 people filling for either 7 or 13 and everyone had a lawyer. When it's something this important, I dont recommend pinching pennies. (And my friend, I'm a big penny pincher)

    GOOD Luck

  2. Unless your case is super simple, retain an attorney. At least go to a paralegal document preparation service.

  3. its better to get a lawyer for all the legal issues.And so everything is signed and sealed and no creditors come after you
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