Australia’s Brett Lee not ready to compromise on speed – ICC World Cup 2011 news

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Australia’s Brett Lee not ready to compromise on speed – ICC World Cup 2011 news
Spearhead of the Australian bowling attack has said that he still wants to bowl fast regardless of his age.
The fast bowler is 34 years old now but made it clear that he is not ready to compromise on his pace and the day he feels that he cannot bowl fast, he would quit playing cricket.
He said, “I am still out to bowl fast. I said about six months ago that if I could not hit that 150kph (93mph) mark I would not want to be playing cricket, which is the truth. I enjoy the pace, I enjoy seeing the stumps fly. To me that's the exciting part
of cricket, but obviously here in the subcontinent, where the wickets are not really conducive to fast bowling, you have to try a few more things.”
The passionate fast bowler said that he loves to see the stumps flying but also understands that he has to experiment in the Subcontinent because of the nature of the pitches.
The Aussie fast bowler also added that he is at the peak of his career at the moment because of his experience. feels that he is more intelligent now after playing international cricket for a number of years and can work out the batsmen better as compared
to the past.
“Now I know that I am bowling better than I ever have. It does not mean you are going to get five wickets every game, but you are more likely to be a bit smarter,” Lee added while talking to the media.
The fast bowler has been in and out of the Australian team because of his injuries and nowadays he is just focusing on playing limited-over cricket for his country in order to prolong his career.
Bowling was a real concern for the Aussie management in 2010 but Lee’s return has strengthened the Australian bowling to a great extent. He is expected to play a big role if the Kangaroos are to defend their title in the ongoing ICC World Cup 2011.



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