Atlanta Braves tie Philadelphia Phillies 7-7 in 2012 Grapefruit League - MLB Update

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Atlanta Braves tie Philadelphia Phillies 7-7 in 2012 Grapefruit League - MLB Update
Atlanta Braves’ starter Julio Teheran continues with his poor Spring Training, giving up four earned runs as they tie the Philadelphia Phillies 7-7 on April 1, 2012 at Champion Stadium in Kissimmee, Florida in their Grapefruit League clash.
It was a tremendous finish by the Braves. Trailed by four runs until the start of the ninth and thus nearing defeat, all of sudden they levelled the score. Josh Wilson, Tyler Pastornicky and Eric Hinske gave the fireworks that were needed at the end.
With Pastornicky not relenting even in the face of double play at the other end and completing his run as Wilson hit a timely two-run homer, the Braves saw an amazing fight back from their players.
Both teams are in an ending phase of giving a final touch to their season rotation. Braves, against the backdrop of a potential weak-link, have signed Livan Hernandez, who was released by Houston Astros. After all, their season top prospect, Teheran, stands
at an unimpressive spring ERA of 9.37.
Phillies plan to send Roy Halladay as a starter on their first opening day with Cliff Lee following him in the next.          
"It doesn't matter to me where I start in this rotation," Lee said. "I am not looking at it as any kind of competition. I am out there to attack."
Lee justified his potential role in the season by conceding only one run in four innings on five hits he gave up. He walked one and struck-out one.
"I am ready to go," Lee said. "I started a little stiff but it's been a long spring and I am just ready for the season."
On the other hand, Braves were let down by their starter, Teheran, who allowed five runs and walked twice in over three innings he stayed on the mound.  
With regards to hits, Braves managed more than the Phillies did. On 36 at-bats, Braves hit 11 times and Phillies on the same 36 at-bats scored 9 hits.
Freddie Freeman, Braves’ most dependable in the training, however did not contribute much in today’s game. As he faced four at-bats, he hit only once.
Phillies' starter gave them a perfect start and yet they squandered almost a certain win in the last inning.
Their relievers and fielders were not up to the mark under pressure situations and therefore they will be looking to improve on this area before they can hope for a successful 2012 regular season.   



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