Aston Villa owner Randy Lerner committed to club

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Aston Villa owner Randy Lerner has reiterated his dedication towards the club to take it to the top.
The owner has voiced his belief in club chairperson Faulkner and claimed that everyone at the club is working towards taking Villa to the top of the Premier league as well as European competitions. Under Martin O Neill, Villa managed three back-to-back
top six finishes in the premier league, but remain attached to the bottom half the table.
This season at Villa has been a roller coaster ride, as long serving manager Martin O Neill quit the club just days before the start of the season. This was followed by a month-long campaign under caretaker manager Kevin MacDonald before former
manager Houllier took the reins.
There have been little or no summer signings this season, which was the main reason behind Martin O Neill leaving the club. Only midfielder Stephan Ireland was the new addition, who came as a part of part-exchange deal between Villa and Manchester City involving
But, the Chief executive defended the decision of the club owner, claiming that both of them have the same goal for Villa and work towards it diligently.
“When he bought the club, you knew you were going to have to pay the price to buy it and then spend on players initially over a number of years. We've spent £140m on players and - net - it's still nearly £100 m,” stated the Chief executive.
Faulkner added that in the past four and half years, only Manchester City have come near to the spending power of Villa. He added that Villa has spent a lot of money on developing the infrastructure of the club overall and improving the stadium over all.
“There is always an initial period of spending and then it settles down a bit. But the ambition now is the same as it has always been - to be competing at the very highest level in and Europe," he said.



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