Argentine captain Lionel Messi salutes team’s performance against Nigeria

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Argentine captain
Argentine captain and goal scoring machine, Lionel Messi has gone on to admit that he is highly delighted with the way his side performed against Nigeria. The player also avoided lashing out at his opponents, despite them constantly getting physical in a
game that was supposed to be nothing more than a friendly.
Gonzalo Higuain, Angel Di Maria scored the two goals for and a third was penned in Argentina’s favour via an own goal. Messi didn’t find the back of the net in the game, but was very crucial to his side picking up the win in the game. The magician
was back to his beast as he blazed past his opponents and left them guessing, as to what he would do next. His inspirational performance is what set up the goals scored by Higuain and Di Maria.
Following the conclusion of the game, Messi went on to express his delight from the team’s performance and he is quoted to have said:
"It is crucial to win after all the failures we have been suffering lately. It is always positive to win, it leaves you feeling good"
He then went on admit that the conditions in which the team played were far worse than what the Argentines were used to, but they managed to overcome them to come out on top at the end of the game.
"We created options, despite the pitch state and the heat we played well and we left a good impression. The game was won, that is the main thing, and we have to keep getting better."

Despite the Nigerians getting dirty in the game and constantly putting in some rash challanges, Messi didn’t seem to think that they targeted anyone intentionally. The player has claimed this, despite the fact that he was covered in his own blood following
a rash tackle during the game and had to be patched up on the side lines.
"They didn't just hit me, there were a lot of kicks but they weren't intended as dirty. I don't go on the pitch thinking about getting hit, I go out to play," he insisted.
Messi seems to be taking to the role of being Argentina’s captain rather well. The player has proved that if he isn’t scoring the goals for his team, he can easily set them up.
Nonetheless, it is safe to say that it won’t be long before Messi produces the same performances for Argentina, as he has done for and once that happens, the South Americans are going to cause havoc wherever they go.



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