Are we done evolving compared to the other species on the planet?

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We depend so much now on technology of the gun and other ways of killing. Would we actually be able to live without these items and continue?




  1. Species never really stop evolving. Evolving doesn't necessarily mean "evolving in a particular direction;" it's just something that happens over time. All it is is a change in the frequency of genes of a population, and that can't be stopped altogether.

    We do seem to be evolving much more slowly than other species who face harsher natural selection. By some standards, chimps are more evolved than we are, in that their genes have changed more over the past couple million years than ours have. But our genes do still seem to be changing, however slowly, though the reasons or the results of these changes have not yet been successfully documented by scientists.

  2. Our brains are evolving faster now than ever before.

  3. Gee, I thought Neanderthals evolved into obscurity (technology of the gun and other ways of killing) lol

  4. Huh? The gun? I don't depend on guns; most don't.

    We DO have technology, so we don't need to live without it.

    If we had to we could.

    We're not continuing to evolve, but then that's true of lots of other species.

    Certainly cultural evolution has outstipped the slow timeline of physical evolution.

    Probably less than one percent of all technology has the purpose of killing.

  5. No, we are evolving and will continue to do so.

  6. We are still evolving, albeit much more slowly than before.

    We are not as effected by Natural Selection as we once were.  Meaning, that MOST of our evolution is being caused by OUR choices, not nature's.

  7. Since your into Big 10 football, yes your done evolving.

  8. Obviously we didnt appreciate nature so now we seem to be leaning toward total mechanistic reality created by us.  We couldn get along with nature as it was so we now have computers and things to keep us occupied.

  9. We like like every living thing on the planet are continually evolving

    And there are still many people who survive quite well without modern technology

  10. Personally, I'm an artistic type and I can live without modern technology. I use it only when it's really necessary.

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