Are there plane tickets for Air Force One ?

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Are there plane tickets for Air Force One ?




  1. It would be a security nightmare if they let everyone fly.

  2. Air Force One is the call sign for any air force aircraft which is transporting the President of the United States.  The most well known one is the blue and white Boeing we see in newscasts.  It is for the President's or Vice President's (Air Force Two) exclusive use.  Guests come on by invitation only either by the President himself or by the White House Staff.   All other riders are staff assigned to the plane under the auspices of the Unites States Air Force.  The last time one of the airplanes (there are two Boeing's) was lent out was for transporting Ronald Reagen's coffin during his many memorial services.   The plane was not called Air Force One but used its regular call signs.  FYI, the helicopter which brings him to and from the White House is Marine One and any Navy ship or aircraft with him embarked is Navy One.

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