Are Dems the party of "what have you done for me lately"??

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Are Dems the party of "what have you done for me lately"??




  1. No.  The Dems, like the Reps, are a party of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.  The only difference is that the Dems look on the poor and middle classes as consumer cattle that should be well cared for so they'll produce better milk and meat.  The Reps just leave all but the super rich neglected in the field to survive or starve on their own.

  2. Absolutely and what a shame - they were once the party of take care of your neighbor when they need a hand - not a hand out or to be looked down on. Now it's more - What can I do for myself  than my country - Has anyone done any research on how many welfare recipients vote democrat?

    This is not being hateful I am curious because that those who are lacking in education or employment seem to have every reason to support those who would keep them there. I live in a low income area and during the primaries had folks at my door and calling on the phone inviting me to dinner with HIllary and Obama - cold hot dogs and the the promise to of a van coming around to take people to vote. What an embarrassment. Did I mention the empty speeches - I especially liked Obama trying to relate to my neighbors - not likely brother

  3. Well the government is supposed to respond to the needs of the people.  Hence the whole premise of Democracy.

  4. Dems just hold out their hand and say gimme.

    When they were hippies they said, eff the govt., now they are saying eff me, govt. Its hypocricy. Maybe that's what pot does to your brain. They're obviously on drugs or something.

  5. absolutely right they are...they are for full public t*t lifestyles

    public t*t being the welfare systems we have in place in this Country, that we aid these people who are in most cases, just to d**n lazy to we--the tax payer..feed em, clothe em, house them, etc...and the bleeding heart official stay awake nights dreaming up new ways to get the Government to give more to this bunch of LOSER's

  6. Yes

    and JFK is rolling in his grave for what his party has become

    They no longer believe " ask not what your country can do for you....."

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