Anzhi Makhachkala looking to capitalize on Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie’s uncertain future

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Anzhi Makhachkala looking to capitalize on’s uncertain future

Russian side Anzhi Makhachkala are reportedly eyeing the situation that Robin Van Persie and Arsenal find themselves in, as they are contemplating a move for the Dutch forward.
The Russian side have lately gone on to see a change in ownership, which has seen the club receive a whole new influx of capital into the squad. As a result, they are now looking to land some of the best talents in the world, in order to try and a name for
themselves as one of the best teams in Europe.
Van Persie has recently gone ahead and cast a lot of doubt over his future as an Arsenal player. The player has openly refused to put pen to paper on a new deal with the club and is yet to decide what he wants to do.
At the same time, the player has not ruled out the possibility of leaving the team, despite being club captain at Arsenal.
Makhachkala aren’t the only team interested in the player, as Manchester City have also come forth and expressed their interest in landing the player.
However, should the player be sold, it would ultimately be Arsenal’s decision to decide just who to sell the player to. The team is more than likely going to be reluctant to sell to a direct competitor in the League, as a result, many believe that Arsenal
would be more willing to let the player join the Russian club instead., who is now a part owner at the club, has gone on to confirm the interest of Makhachkala is landing Van Persie, as well as a few other players.
When talking about the future of the team and their prospects of signing some of the best players in the world,"

"Anelka is not the only player.

"Nene from PSG and Van Persie from Arsenal are players we are following. And I talked to him.

"If Real, Barca or Manchester United cannot pay the transfer fee, we will pay it. Suleyman Kerimov can offer what he wants."
Van Persie is currently looking to land a number of trophies before his career comes to an end. As a result, the player is going to try and push for a move to City, since the team is far more experienced than Makhachkala and possesses a much likelier possibility
of landing trophies.
Nonetheless, it is now a wait to see just what happens with Van Persie in the coming months, as his contract nears its conclusion.



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