Anyone remember a board game called?

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Ninnies and Numbskulls?

It was from back in the early 70s

Kind of like chess for dumbies.

Is it still around and where can I find it?




  1. Lol .. I think I do remember it.  I would suggest you look for it at flea markets, thrift stores, second hand stores.  Also if there are auctioneers in your area, check with them and let them know what you are looking for.  All kinds of things show up at estate auctions.

  2. i remember only played it once or twice.  try ebay or amazon

  3. Chris has the name right, you can get a copy of the re-release "All the King's Men" at Darwin's Game Closet.

    Happy gaming!

  4. they call it "Smess" it is also released as "All the King's Men", but i have no idea where to get it, you tried "ebay"?

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