Anyone have a Buildabearville store credit receipt code I can use?

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  1. Okay, so I just got back from going to BABW. I haven't gone on BABV in such a long time! So since I'm not on anymore, I have tons of credit codes to give away from past shopping experiences. However I'll only give them to you if you could do me a little favor. If you can join this website and level to 5 :  : I'll give you one :) Just give me your e-mail and the name of the account you made, and I'll send a code. <3

  2. 0123-011740-5122-05039

  3. i have never had a credit code but now i had one i have allways wanted to tell every body somebody might of used it but


                                  love hugs pease melissabuttercup100

  4. here: 0897-6541-666-432
    someone might of used it by now but u can try.

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