Any treatments for dark circles?

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So I am 20 years old, and after I moved I have some nasty dark circles.

I eat well, sleep well. So I have no clue, not really stressed anymore, but I would like to get rid of them.

What are some good treatments/ lotions for it?

Just not any make up to cover it up, I am a male, and don't wear makeup lol.





  1. If you moved into a new house or apartment, your new location may aggravate allergies that you didn't have a problem with before, and allergies do cause bad dark circles. You could try an over the counter allergy medicine like claritin or see your doctor for something stronger. I asked this same question a while ago and a guy recommended Nivea Revitalizing Eye Cream, which is made for men. Hope that helps, I know how irritating it is.

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